Car Air Conditioning

In the same way that the rest of your car needs servicing and inspecting, so does your car air conditioning. Just as engines need oil, so do air conditioning systems. Oil can be lost if small leaks go undetected, and lack of lubrication and servicing can lead to expensive repairs. We recommend a full service every two years, which includes the following.

– Inspect compressor mount and drive for security
– Inspect drive belts and change or retention as necessary
– Inspect condensor for leaks, damage and security
– Check condition and routing of all hoses and wiring
– Check compressor oil level and top-up as required
– Recover, vacuum and fully recharge air conditioning
– Carry out full system operational check to ensure no faults exist
– Carry out full leak-check of system

Car Air Conditioning Servicing

Service and Diagnostics

Unit 18
Liongate Enterprise Park
80 Morden Road
Telephone – 020 8648 6688

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